House Portraits by Pete


A Living Road

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

All kinds of people are interested in Rte.66 for different reasons. For some it's nostalgia, and I have to admit that nostalgia is mixed in with my emotions too- remembering how things used to be. Others have a historical interest and spend hours pouring over old maps, checking out different alignments of the route and exploring abandoned remnants. Others are interested in Rte 66 because of it's role in our culture, the people movements as the West was populated, the role of the automobile in our culture and the cultural mystique of the Mother Road.

I am interested in Rte 66 for all of the above reasons to some extent, but I'm also captured by a thought of Rte.66 being a metaphor for the road of life that we all are travelling. It's the road less travelled, it's the road of slowing down and taking time to enjoy the trip and not just getting to a destination quick, it's the road of living in the moment rather than in the past. For this reason I am painting pictures of the road as it now exists, not as it did in its heyday. It can still be driven, it still exists and it speaks to me about the meaning of life. It's a living road, not a relic.