House Portraits by Pete


Rte.66 in LA County

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Many times people travelling Rte 66 either skip Los Angeles County or rush through it, feeling that it is just too daunting to fight the traffic. However, Rte 66 in Los Angeles County and in the city of Los Angeles in particular, is full of interesting and historic sites for the adventurous soul who is willing to take the time. I recommend the book "Rte.66 in Los Angeles County" by Scott Piotrowski, a friend of mine who has explored the route thoroughly. He points out many interesting spots and also helps you not to get lost or confused. The book is available at the Rte.66 Museum in Barstow at the old Harvey House train station, and also at the Victorville Rte.66 Museum on D Street.

If you skip Los Angeles County you'll miss beautiful views of the San Gabriel Mountains, eateries like LeRoy's in Monrovia, Rod's in Arcadia and Barney's in West Hollywood, vintage architecture like The Aztec Hotel in Monrovia, the Pasadena City Hall, The Union Station in Los Angeles, famous sites like The Griffith Observatory, the Southwest Museum, and the Hollywood Sign. I'm just naming a few. I've painted many places in LA County, but I still have many more planned. Check out my site to see what I've done so far and check back every so often to see what has been added.


The End of the Road

Thursday, May 24, 2007

When people think of Rte.66, the end of the road is thought of as the Santa Monica Pier, and for that reason I painted a watercolor of the pier signage with it's surrounding park. The pier signage is a symbolic gateway from my vantage point, the beginning point of my west to east series of scenes along the route.

In actuality, the end of Rte.66 was a few blocks away and never reached the ocean. In the earlier years of Rte.66, the Mother Road ended at 7th and Broadway in downtown Los Angeles, in the heart of the theatre district. Later it was extended to Santa Monica.

For travelers from the east in a bygone era, Santa Monica stood for the golden promise of California, of limitless possibilities. For me, it stands for the beginning of my journey into Rte.66